Inflatable & ejaculating

Inflatable & ejaculating

  • Inflatable Stud - 9.5"

    California Exotic Novelties

    Inflatable Stud - 9.5"

    MSRP: $27.92
    Just like the real thing! Ever wished that you could take the best part of your man everywhere you go? Well, with the Inflatable Stud, now you can, and it grows just as much as any penis would! This is a revolutionary sex toy that starts off small but...
  • King Cock 6" Squirting Cock - Flesh


    King Cock 6" Squirting Cock - Flesh

    MSRP: $35.65
    This King Cock Squirter is ultra-realistic and will satisfy all your cravings for cum-play! Hand-sculpted with amazing attention to detail and featuring our exclusive Jizzle Juice squeeze-bulb, the King Cock Squirters are the most satisfying ejaculating...
  • Masters Ravage Vibrating Inflatable Penis

    XR Brands Master Series

    Masters Ravage Vibrating Inflatable Penis

    MSRP: $59.06
    Ravage them with this heavy duty inflatable vibrating dildo. It starts off a decent size, then gets even bigger with each squeeze of the hand pump. The ridged shaft and bulbous base inflate and increase in girth for a customized sensation of fullness...
  • Primal Inflatable Dildo

    XR Brands Master Series

    Primal Inflatable Dildo

    MSRP: $32.52
    Let this XXL inflatable dildo carry you away to ectasy on a cloud of air. The solid rubber skin allows for the firmness needed when driving such a large dildo home, but remains malleable once inflated, allowing the air inside to flex and curve with your...