Instruments - Rudder Angle

Instruments - Rudder Angle

  • Davis Rudder Position Indicator [385]

    Davis Instruments

    Davis Rudder Position Indicator [385]

    MSRP: $29.99
    Rudder Position IndicatorAwareness of the rudder angle is an important safety factor. This is especially true while moving in and out of your berth, drawing alongside another boat, picking up a skier, mooring, or any other "close call" situation. Davis'...
  • Maretron RAA100 Rudder Angle Adapter [RAA100-01]


    Maretron RAA100 Rudder Angle Adapter [RAA100-01]

    RAA100 NMEA 2000®Rudder Angle AdapterThe RAA100 is used to adapt commercially available resistive rudder angle senders to the NMEA 2000® network. This allows you to observe rudder angle anywhere on the vessel where there is an NMEA 2000®...
  • Raritan MK5 Rudder Angle Indicator [MK5]


    Raritan MK5 Rudder Angle Indicator [MK5]

    MSRP: $785.00
    MK5 Rudder Angle IndicatorRudder angle indicators are economical steering aids and rudder position monitors.Features:Ready for installation with all necessary components needed - meter, calibration box and sending unitConstant monitoring of rudder angle...
  • SI-TEX SRA-1 Rudder Indicator f\/Use w\/SP70 80 [SRA-1]


    SI-TEX SRA-1 Rudder Indicator f/Use w/SP70 80 [SRA-1]

    MSRP: $525.00
    SRA-1Rudder Angle IndicatorDisplays precision analog position reading.A quick, positive, visual indication of rudder angle can be very important when docking or maneuvering a boat in tight quarters. It can save not only your gel coat but your pride. The...