Marshmallow Fun Company

Marshmallow Fun Company

  • Brybelly

    Marshmallow Stryker - Marshmallow Shooter

    The Stryker! A more compact design over the classic blue and red marshmallow shooters! Pump-action rapid fire shoots mini marshmallows up to 20 feet. Smaller body for more compact and stealth fun! The easy-to-refill magazine holds 15 marshmallows or foam...
  • Brybelly

    Cheetah Marshmallow Shooter

    No matter how civilized you are, no matter how refined your etiquette, sometimes you need to get in touch with your Inner Commando and let out a little harmless aggression. If that sounds right, then the new Pink Cheetah Marshmallow Shooter is the model...
  • Brybelly

    Marshmallow Shooter

    Pump-action rapid fire shoots mini marshmallows over 30 feet. The easy-to-refill magazine holds 25 marshmallows or foam pellets for non-stop action. Measures 15" long. Cleaning instructions included. Bag of marshmallows included.
  • Marshmallow Mini Bow Camo Series


    Marshmallow Mini Bow Camo Series

    The new Marshmallow Mini Bow is just like its brother the Bow and Mallow but half the size. See if you're the modern day William Tell with the highly accurate Marshmallow Fun Mini Bow. Snap action fun for all ages, the Marshmallow Mini Bow shoots at a...
  • Brybelly

    Camouflage Bow & Mallow Marshmallow Shooter

    Wage a marshmallow war! Safer than any other type of "weapon," this special shooter is outrageously fun and totally unique. Load it up with the included soft red shooting pellets or your own mini marshmallows and let 'er rip! Includes instructions and...
  • Brybelly

    Camo Shooter - Marshmallow Shooter

    Guerilla warfare has never been so sweet. The Camo Marshmallow Shooter delivers loads of fun, firing miniature marshmallows at a range of approximately 30 feet. Hunt down the neighborhood "prey" or surprise an enemy from a camouflaged position. The Camo...